All the Madden 23 X-Factors and Superstars in one guide (2024)

All the Madden 23 X-Factors and Superstars in one guide (1)

Madden 23 X-Factors keep the series playable long after the Super Bowl is over – which is great news for whoever comes up short in this year's huge Chiefs vs Eagles clash. These Madden 23 boosts are awarded to the game's best players to ensure the likes of Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers and Allen feel truly unique. Also important are Superstars, who score bonus skills despite falling short of Hall of Hame contention. Below we outline all the game's launch abilities and superstars, as well as the complete Madden 23 X-Factors player list.

The Madden 23 X-Factors player list

All the Madden 23 X-Factors and Superstars in one guide (2)

Below are all the players with an X-Factor in Madden 23.

  • BENGALS: Joe Burrow (QB) – Run & Gun
  • BILLS: Stefon Diggs (WR) – Rac ‘Em Up
  • BILLS: Tre’Davious White (CB) – Shutdown
  • BILLS: Von Miller (DE) – Fearmonger
  • BILLS: Josh Allen (QB) – Bazooka
  • BRONCOS: Russell Wilson (QB) – Blitz Radar
  • BROWNS: Myles Garrett (DE) – Unstoppable Force
  • BROWNS: Nick Chubb (RB) – Wrecking Ball
  • BUCCANEERS: Tom Brady (QB) – Pro Reads
  • BUCCANEERS: Lavonte David (MLB) – Run Stuffer
  • BUCCANEERS: Mike Evans (WR) – Double Me
  • CHARGERS: Khalil Mack (OLB) – Unstoppable Force
  • CHARGERS: Keenan Allen (WR) – Max Security
  • CHARGERS: Joey Bosa (OLB) – Unstoppable Force
  • CHARGERS: Derwin James Jr (SS) – Reinforcement
  • CHARGERS: Khalil Mack (OLB) – Unstoppable Force
  • CHIEFS: Patrick Mahomes (QB) – Bazooka
  • CHIEFS: Travis Kelce TE) – Double Me
  • CHIEFS: Chris Jones (DT) – Momentum Shift
  • COLTS: Darius Leonard (OLB) – Shutdown
  • COLTS: DeForest Buckner (DT) – Unstoppable Force
  • COLTS: Jonathan Taylor (HB) – Freight Train
  • COMMANDERS: Terry McLaurin (WR) – Ankle Breaker
  • COMMANDERS: Jonathan Allen (DT) – Momentum Shift
  • COWBOYS: Dak Prescott (QB) – Blitz Radar
  • COWBOYS: Micah Parsons (OLB) – Unstoppable Force
  • DOLPHINS: Tyreek Hill (WR) – Rac ‘Em Up
  • 49ERS: George Kittle (TE) – Yac ‘Em Up
  • 49ERS: Fred Warner (MLB) – Zone Hawk
  • 49ERS: Nick Bosa (DE) – Relentless
  • 49ERS: Deebo Samuel (WR) – Yac 'Em Up
  • PACKERS: Aaron Rodgers (QB) – Dots
  • PACKERS: Jaire Alexander (CB) – Shutdown
  • PANTHERS: Christian McCaffrey (HB) – Ankle Breaker
  • RAIDERS: DaVante Adams (WR) – Double Me
  • RAIDERS: Chandler Jones (OLB) – Fearmonger
  • RAIDERS: Darren Waller (TE) – Yac ‘Em Up
  • RAMS: Janel Ramsey (CB) – Bottleneck
  • RAMS: Aaron Donald (DE) – Blitz
  • RAMS: Bobby Wagner (MLB) - Avalanche
  • RAMS: Cooper Kupp (WR) – Rac ‘Em Up
  • RAVENS: Lamar Jackson (QB) – Truzz
  • SAINTS: Tyrann Mathieu (SS) – Reinforcement
  • SAINTS: Alvin Kamara (HB) – Satellite
  • SAINTS: Cameron Jordan (DE) – Unstoppable Force
  • SEAHAWKS: DK Metcalf (WR) – Double Me
  • STEELERS: TJ Watt (OLB) – Unstoppable Force
  • STEELERS: Cameron Heyward (DE) – Fearmonger
  • TITANS: Derrick Henry (HB) – Freight Train
  • VIKINGS: Dalvin Cook (HB) – First One Free
  • VIKINGS: Justin Jefferson (WR) – Double Me

The full Madden 23 X-Factors list

All the Madden 23 X-Factors and Superstars in one guide (3)

These are the Madden 23 X-Factors assigned to the above players.

  • Ankle Breaker: High takeout rate on skill moves following the catch
  • Avalanche: Downhill hit-sticks force fumbles
  • Bazooka: Max throwing distance increased
  • Blitz: On-field blockers have their resistance bars wiped
  • Blitz Radar: Highlights extra blitzes
  • Bottleneck: Dominantly win man press attempts
  • Dots: Grants perfect passing on any throw
  • Double Me: Wins aggressive catches vs single coverage
  • Escape Artist: Improved scrambling speed when leaving the pocket
  • Fearmonger: Chance to pressure the QB while engaged with a blocker
  • Freight Train: Increased chance to break the next tackle attempt
  • Pro Reads: Highlights the first open target and ignores pressure
  • Freight Train: Increased chance to break the next tackle attempt
  • Max Security: High success rate on possession catches
  • Momentum Shift: On field opponents have their zone progress wiped
  • Rac ‘Em Up: Wins RAC catches vs single coverage
  • Relentless: Rush moves no longer cost points
  • Reinforcement: Higher chance to defeat run blocks and disrupt catches
  • Run & Gun: Player has perfect accuracy when entering the zone
  • Run Stuffer: Block shedding is more effective vs run plays:
  • Satellite: Wins RAC possession catches vs single coverage
  • Shutdown: Tighter coverage & more interceptions on contested catches
  • Unstoppable Force: Pass rush wins leaf to quicker block shedding
  • Truzz: Can’t fumble as a result of a tackle
  • Wrecking Ball: High success rate in trucks and stiff arms
  • Yac ‘Em Up: Increased chance to break the first post-catch tackle
  • Zone Hawk: More interceptions in zone coverage

All Madden 23 Superstars

Superstars don’t have X-Factor abilities, but are still blessed with skills that outperform their stats. These are all the ones found in Madden 23 at launch.

All the Madden 23 X-Factors and Superstars in one guide (4)

  • BENGALS: Jessie Bates III (FS)
  • BENGALS: Joe Mixon (HB)
  • BENGALS: Ja’Marr Chase (WR)
  • BILLS: Micah Hyde (FS)
  • BILLS: Jordan Poyer (SS)
  • BROWNS: Amari Cooper (WR)
  • BROWNS: Wyatt Teller (RG)
  • BUCCANEERS: Tristan Wirfs (RT)
  • BUCCANEERS: Ryan Jensen (C)
  • BUCCANEERS: Vita Vea (DT)
  • BUCCANEERS: Shaquil Barrett (OLB)
  • BUCCANEERS: Chris Godwin (WR)
  • CARDINALS: Budda Baker (SS)
  • CARDINALS: Rodney Hudson (C)
  • CARDINALS: Kyler Murray (QB)
  • CHARGERS: JC Jackson (CB)
  • CHARGERS: Austin Ekeler (HB)
  • CHARGERS: Mike Williams (WR)
  • CHARGERS: Justin Herbert (QB)
  • COLTS: Quenton Nelson (LG)
  • COLTS: Stephon Gilmore (CB)
  • COMMANDERS: Chase Young (DE)
  • COWBOYS: Zack Martin (RGH)
  • COWBOYS: Tyron Smith (LT)
  • COWBOYS: Ezekiel Elliott (HB)
  • COWBOYS: Trevon Diggs (CB)
  • COWBOYS: CeeDee Lamb (WR)
  • DOLPHINS: Terron Armstead (LT)
  • DOLPHINS: Xavien Howard (CB)
  • EAGLES: Fletcher Cox (DT)
  • EAGLES: Jason Kelce (C)
  • EAGLES: Lane Johnson (RT)
  • EAGLES: Darius Slay Jr (CB)
  • FALCONS: Kyle Pitts (TE)
  • FALCONS Cordarelle Patterson (HB)
  • 49ERS: Trent Williams (LT)
  • 49ERS: Deebo Samuel (WR)
  • JAGUARS: Brandon Scherff (RG)
  • JETS: Mekhi Becton (RT)
  • PACKERS: David Bakhtiari (LT)
  • PACKERS: Kenny Clark (DT)
  • PANTHERS: Brian Burns (DE)
  • PANTHERS: DJ Moore (WR)
  • PATRIOTS: Devin McCourty (FS)
  • PATRIOTS: Matthew Judon (OLB)
  • RAMS: Matthew Stafford (QB)
  • RAVENS: Ronnie Stanley (LT)
  • RAVENS: Marlon Humphrey (CB)
  • RAVENS: Calais Campbell (DE)
  • RAVENS: Mark Andrews (TE)
  • SAINTS: Michael Thomas (WR)
  • SAINTS: DeMario Davis (MLB)
  • SAINTS: Ryan Ramczyk (RT)
  • SAINTS: Marshon Lattimore (CB)
  • SEAHAWKS: Jamal Adams (SS)
  • STEELERS: Minkah Fitzpatrick (FS)
  • STEELERS: Myles Jack (MLB)
  • STEELERS: Diontae Johnson (WR)
  • TITANS: Kevin Byard (FS)
  • TITANS: Jeffery Simmons (DE)
  • VIKINGS: Harrison Smith (SS)
  • VIKINGS: Eric Kendricks (MLB)
  • VIKINGS: Za’Darius Smith (OLB)
  • VIKINGS: Adam Thielen (WR)
  • VIKINGS: Danielle Hunter (OLB)
All the Madden 23 X-Factors and Superstars in one guide (5)

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All the Madden 23 X-Factors and Superstars in one guide (2024)
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