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  • Gordon State College · My Gordon · Future Students · Parents · Faculty & Staff · Give ... D2L · Library · Departments · Campus Map · Contact GSC. More Information.

  • At Gordon State, students receive immense encouragement and support, empowering them to become their very best. Gordon State helps students to see...

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7. What is my GoVIEW login? - eCore - University System of Georgia

  • It is your responsibility to report technical problems to the USG D2L ... Gordon State College, Example: sb190778_goc. Kennesaw State University, Example ...

  • eCore short for electronic core-curriculum allows University System of Georgia (USG) students the opportunity to complete their first two years of their college careers in an online environment.

8. Rachel Mittelman at Gordon State College | Rate My Professors

  • She slaps stuff up on D2L and expects you to do it without grading until midterm or finals. Lots of homeworkSo many papersTough grader. Helpful. Thumbs up. 1.

  • Rachel Mittelman is a professor in the History department at Gordon State College - see what their students are saying about them or leave a rating yourself.

Gordon State D2L (2024)
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