Uc Davis Tech Management Minor (2024)

1. Technology Management Minor - UC Davis

  • May 4, 2022 · The UC Davis Graduate School of Management's technology management minor gives undergraduates the opportunity to complement their studies ...

  • The UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s technology management minor gives undergraduates the opportunity to complement their studies with courses in business and management. Students learn skills to enhance their education to be better prepared for leadership and management opportunities in today’s competitive business world.

2. Undergraduate Technology Management Minor

  • The Technology Management Minor courses are open to all undergraduate and graduate majors at UC Davis. · The courses that count for the Technology Management ...

  • The UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s Technology Management Minor allows undergraduates to complement their studies with courses in business and manage

3. Technology Management, Minor - General Catalog - UC Davis

4. Minors | UC Davis

  • Dec 23, 2020 · UC Davis Minors · Accounting · African American and African Studies · Aging and Adult Development · Agricultural Pest Management · Agricultural ...

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5. Undergraduate - UC Davis Graduate School of Management

6. UC Davis Introduces Tech Management Minor

  • Jul 27, 2010 · Taught by the faculty of the Graduate School of Management, the minor will combine business and management skills with the students' knowledge ...

  • The university aims at giving that extra edge to potential job candidates in the high-tech field.

7. Take Classes for your Minor! - Summer Sessions - UC Davis

  • Feb 9, 2024 · Technology Management Minor - Graduate School of Management ; MGT 150, Technology Management (recommended to take this class first), Session 1.

  • UC Davis offers a variety of minors for students.  Two programs with our Graduate School of Management and School of Education are highlighted below.  A full list of all minors is available here and all classes can be viewed on the Class Search Tool. Schedules are subject to change.

8. Technology Management Minor

  • Missing: uc davis

  • A Technology Management minor combines applied knowledge with management skills, preparing you for the everyday rigors of a leadership role in manufacturing, transportation or technology. You’ll study project managemen

9. [PDF] Uc Davis Technology Management Minor (2022) - MotoGP

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10. UC Davis to introduce new business major in fall 2025 - The Aggie

  • Apr 17, 2024 · Matthew Schwartz, a managerial economics major and technology management minor, is the vice president of the Managerial Economics Society ...

  • The selective major will only be open to incoming first years and will open to other students in fall 2027   By VINCE BASADA —

Uc Davis Tech Management Minor (2024)
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